What Roblox Tickets Were All About

If you’re concerned about the removal of Tix from Roblox, I’m telling you, you shouldn’t make a fuss about it. The game is still thrilling, and it’s still one of the best ways to fire up your gaming life.


Also referred to as Tix or Tx, Tickets were a virtual currency which was introduced in 2007. It was an additional type of money for the game Roblox apart from Robux, which was the primary currency. Compared to the first currency, Tickets had a smaller value. Users could obtain them through different ways such as daily visiting the website and encouraging other players to see their Place. Tickets were used to purchase items, gears, and special abilities. However, last April 14, 2016, they were removed, leaving some in shock and some happy to say “R.I.P tix!


Getting Tix

These were the ways players could have acquired Tickets:

  • TIXLogging in – Called “log-in bonus,” players here can earn 10 tickets just by logging in every day to the site
  • The ambassador program – Here, users can obtain 2 tickets every time the external link (leading to Roblox) they made was clicked.
  • Place visits – Players also get 1 ticket each time a person visits their Place. If it were Builder’s Club, the owner would receive 10 tickets per visit.
  • Currency exchange – Users could also exchange the primary currency, Robux, for Tickets. However, the value will be different and would depend on the state of the market.
  • Selling – Players could obtain tickets by making and selling clothes too, such as shirts and pants.

The Connection of RoblEX

RoblEX was a feature that enabled users to trade in their Robux for Tickets and vice versa, which was the reason why it’s also called the Currency Exchange. Because of this feature, Roblox became an economy, with both supply and demand elements. Players could gain a significant amount of money by purchasing a substantial amount of Robux for a cheaper cost, then swapping them later on for a bigger sum of Tickets. Naturally, when Tickets were removed, they were also goners.

What You Need to Know


  • We said goodbye to the Tix, but they’re not entirely removed from the website. They were simply hidden and cannot be utilized in any way. This is also the reason why they still appear in the players’ transaction history if they were previously sold or bought.
  • The Tickets weren’t converted to Robux automatically, which means if you didn’t turn them to Robux manually before April 14, 2016, they’re worth nothing now.
  • Scams heightened ever since the Tickets were removed. Some say this is because nowadays, Robux can only be acquired through purchase, trading, clothing, group funds, and so on.
  • Numerous users say the removal was “The Great Depression of 2016,” because many users depended on the Ticket to Robux trading to gain profit. But now, they’ve lost their one way to get money without having to pay.
  • Many YouTubers say Tickets are coming back, but that’s not going to happen. It’s almost impossible to bring them back, especially since the creators of the game think it’s the best way to avoid confusion (two currencies is too much) and enjoy the game.