Firing Up Your Pool Cleaning Activity

I bet no one likes cleaning pools with manual cleaners like scrubs, skimmers, brushes, and old vacuums. Doing the entire cleaning process would be boring and taxing if it takes too long to clean one area.

Good thing there are machines tailored to make you excited about pool cleaning!

These devices are found in, and they’re none other than…


Know how to set up one by reading the instructions below.

Step 1: Unbox

First, take out the cleaner from the box and read the manual.

Step 2: REALLY read the manual

Don’t skip this step. Every cleaner is different, so be sure to review the manual and instructions with undivided attention. Doing this will keep you from having to deal with issues in the future. Besides, manuals come with troubleshooting steps which can help you solve small problems with your robotic pool cleaner.

Step 3: Plug in the power supply

Dolphin-99996403-PC-Dolphin-Nautilus-PlusRobotic cleaners are ready to use once they’re out of the box. So all you got to do is to plug in the power supply into a GFCI-approved outlet. Remember that the energy supply should be a minimum of 12 ft. from your pool edge for safety purposes.

Step 4: Submerge the cleaner

Now, carefully carry your robotic cleaner and submerge it in the pool water from the shallowest part of your pool. Under no circumstance should you put the robot in a pool that is similar to a swamp. That’s because these robots have ultra-fine filtration and could get clogged quickly. Also, don’t place it in pool water that’s too cold, as the temperature can stiffen the cable, hindering the robot to move freely and easily around your pool. Lastly, hold the cleaner upside-down underwater if you want to get rid of air bubbles.

Step 5: Start it

Once it’s on the pool’s floor, start the machine by pressing “start” on the power supply. Then, activate the power supply. Note that power supplies may vary.

Step 6: Leave it


Let it perform its cleaning functions for a full cycle. Depending on the model or brand of robotic cleaner, it could take around 2-4 hours to clean an entire pool.

Step 7: Take it out

Once the cycle has finished (you’ll know it’s done when the alarm gets off), gently pull it out to the pool’s edge using the cable and lift out the unit from the pool using its handle. All robotic cleaners come with a sturdy and convenient handle, so please do not lift the robot using the swivel or cable.

Step 8: Rinse the robot

Clean the robot with fresh water, remove the dirt from the filter bag or basket, then store the robot and the power supply in a dry place. That’s it!

If you find it a bit difficult to follow these instructions, then watch this video to help you:

If you’ve noticed, you won’t do much except for the beginning and the end of the cleaning process. This makes everything a lot easier now, and would even encourage you to clean once a week! Nothing can ever fire you up even more than a robotic cleaner now.