What To Do If Your Baby Gets Acne

The life of a baby seems very simple.  There is someone there to take care of your every need.  If you want to be fed or changed, you just have to yell and someone is there to help you.  But babies aren’t immune to a condition that affects the rest of us.  Babies can suffer from acne just like the rest of us.  The causes are similar and so are the treatments. Click this link to know more.

Babies can get acne a variety of ways.  The most common way is the transfer of hormones from the mother to the baby through birth and or breastfeeding.  This happens more often than people think.  Some babies will have an adverse reaction to a medication given to the mother at birth or during the pregnancy.   Babies also can have an excessive amount of sebum on the skin if they aren’t cleaned frequently and properly.   Bathing the child frequently and making sure that they have clean clothes on can prevent most forms of acne.

Sometimes, tight clothing can cause skin irritation in babies and small children.  As the child moves around, the clothing rubs against the skin and spreads dirt and dust around.  These pollutants can and sometimes do cause acne.

Even too much saliva can cause acne.  Or a particular soap or shampoo can irritate the skin.   A baby’s skin is still so delicate that almost anything can be a cause of acne.

If your baby gets acne, it can be treated.  There are mild acne creams and lotions that can be applied to a baby’s skin.   If there isn’t a particular product that can treat your baby’s acne, simple techniques can move acne on its way.  Regular bathing will prevent any additional acne breakouts.  Keeping the affected areas clean will prevent any irritation.  Parents may need to put socks or mittens on a child’s hands to keep them from picking at or scratching pimples or sores.

With proper care, your baby will have a relatively short acne breakout and they will probably avoid any scars.  And the good part is that your baby will never remember having an acne breakout.

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